Ralph Shaw

UKE BOX 81 – Ralph Shaw

(original broadcast date: December 3, 2014)

A spotlight on the King of the Ukulele — Ralph Shaw.


1. Every Night About This Time
2. Cocktails for Two
3. Skylark
4. Lullaby of the Leaves
5. Electricity
6. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
7. The Burglar
8. Busy Line
9. Ukulele Lady
10. Everything is Free
11. La Mer
12. Puttin on the Ritz
13. (excerpt) Birds of a Feather: Unplucked
14. Cheek to Cheek
15. I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire
16. Noughts and Crosses


Birds of a Feather: Unplucked by Ralph Shaw
By George by Ralph Shaw
King of the Ukulele by Ralph Shaw
Laughter by Ralph Shaw
Table for Two by Ralph Shaw

UKE BOX is the all ukulele radio show on Trent Radio 92.7FM in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada with your host Lester Alfonso. It’s recorded live every Wednesday at 5pm.

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