Amanda Palmer

UKE BOX 15 – Amanda Palmer

(original broadcast date: January 30, 2013)

Amanda Palmer and her magic ukulele in this all ukulele playlist.


*[Please note: some songs use expletives in their lyrics.]*

1. Radiohead – Creep (live in Prague) by Amanda Palmer
2. Amanda Palmer talks… Radiohead and Ukuleles.
3. Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees by Amanda Palmer
4. Radiohead – No Surprises by Amanda Palmer
5. Radiohead – Idioteque by Amanda Palmer
6. Amanda Palmer’s Ukulele Love
7. Radiohead – High and Dry by Amanda Palmer
8. In My Mind by Amanda Palmer
9. Amanda Palmer – In My Mind (live) by Lester Alfonso
10. Amanda Palmer performs Bright Eyes’ Lua with ukulele in bed
11. The Ukulele Anthem (from Occupy Wall Street Oct. 2012) by Amanda Palmer
12. Radiohead – Creep (Hungover at Soundcheck in Berlin) by Amanda Palmer
13. Radiohead – Exit Music (For a Film) by Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele

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UKE BOX is the all ukulele radio show on Trent Radio 92.7FM in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada with your host Lester Alfonso. It’s recorded live every Wednesday at 5pm.

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