Rockabilly (Ukulele)

UKE BOX 133 – Rockabilly (Ukulele)

(original broadcast date: June 15, 2016)

Ukulele covers of rockabilly classics on today’s playlist and a spotlight on rockabilly legend and ukulele virtuoso singer/songwriter Ron Hargrave who co-wrote High School Confidential with Jerry Lee Lewis. An all ukulele playlist to celebrate this integral part to the history of rock and roll.


1. Ron Hargrave on Ukulele – High School Confidential
2. Everly Brothers – Wake Up Litlle Susie (live acoustic cover by UkuleleOboys)
3. C’mon Everybody by Rollin Uke
4. Blue Suede Shoes by Todd B
5. That’ll Be the Day by Doug Frink
6. Summertime Blues by Mikki
7. Heartbreak Hotel by Tootlin Geoff
8. Hound Dog by Jonas McDonnell
9. Everly Brothers – Bye Bye Love by Joe Silver and Jessica Silver
10. Folsom Prison Blues by Ukebox
11. I Fall to Pieces by La Familia de Ukeleles
12. Patsy Cline – Crazy by Al Wood
13. Patsy Cline – Crazy by Ella Ronen
14. Jerry Lee Lewis – Great Balls of Fire by Chris Deston 821
15. Ritchie Valens – La Bamba by Uke Heidi
16. Stick McGhee’s ‘Drinkin Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee by Jez Quayle
17. Buddy Holly – Oh Boy! by Jez Quayle
18. Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue by Jez Quayle
19. Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue Got Married by Jez Quayle
20. Rock-A-Billy Legend – Ron Hargrave
21. Saint Louis Blues
22. Blues My Naught Sweety Gives to Me
23. The Abba Dabba Honeymoon
24. Nagasaki
25. San Francisco Bay
26. Peggy O’Neil
27. Old Folks At Home


Ron Hargrave
La Familia de Ukeleles
Ukebox, vol. 2

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